Jamie Caton
Vice President of Government Relations

Jamie Caton joined Pioneer Lines in October 2020. As the Vice President of Government Relations, she leads the company’s policy efforts, including all U.S. federal, state, and local government liaison operations.

Her experience spans roles in diplomacy, international relations, communications, and strategic engagement. Prior to joining Pioneer Lines, Ms. Caton spent fifteen years with the Government of Canada leading their foreign policy and diplomacy service in the western U.S. In this capacity, she managed the government relations and public affairs programs, which included developing and implementing advocacy strategies, media relations and communications supporting Canada’s relations with the U.S.

Ms. Caton has worked on a variety of policy issues from international trade and tariffs, environment, and energy, to security and criminal justice. She has also held consultancy roles with the Responsible Business Initiative for Justice and, earlier in her career, was employed by the French Ministry of Education.

A Colorado native, Jamie received her Bachelor of Arts from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO and also attended the Université de Nice in Nice, France.

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